Brewing wild and wonderful beers in Sofia, Bulgaria

We are Dorst and we’re happy to meet you. We have our roots in many countries but like to call Bulgaria our home. Our goal is to brew great beers in Bulgaria. Sometimes we are nostalgic and brew the kind of beers that are rooted in centuries of tradition. At other times we want to be the first to brew a style in Bulgaria.

Why brew in Bulgaria?

We believe that many Bulgaria is an uncut gem when it comes to beer. How will it shine of so many of the beers on the market are brewed abroad? This is why we make it a priority to brew all of our beers in Bulgaria. We currently work together with local breweries to brew our beers and hope to brew in our own kettles soon.  

Bold flavours and experiments

Did you know we were the first to brew a New England IPA in Bulgaria? We like to explore bold flavour and push the boundaries. We love beer and that shows in our beers and our process. We are not afraid to experiment and to take risk. Always original and always inspired.

We make the beers that we would love to drink ourselves

Because we are small and independent we do not need to chase trends that make no sense or to keep repeating what we’ve done before. Every beer we brew is a beer we would love to drink in a bar or at home.

Social and flexible

We love to be social so don’t be shy to reach out to us. We have collaborated to brew beers for celebrations, hosted tap-takeovers, and can even tap beer at your special occasion. If you are interested in our beers or if you feel like a chat, please reach out to us at info@dorst.bg.